ArtAssistant - the latest software for collectors

ArtAssistant is the result of a collaboration between Franz Wojda, an experienced collector and Professor of Management Sciences and the dynamic software company hgi systems IT OG.


The software is practicable for wide implementation and - if wanted - easy customized to each collectors individual needs.

There is the question for a digital way to manage the collection, which every collector will be challenged with.


Dr. Wojda specified requirements relevant for him but also for a broader variety of private collectors. Those requirements should specify uniquely on the needs of private collectors and should offer a wide practicality.

User friendly and simple.

The intuitive design guarantees an easy and logical handling of the software.

Collect on all Plattforms

PC, Mac, Laptop, Cellphone or Tablet - whatever you prefer, ArtAssistant is with you.


Try ArtAssistant

You can try ArtAssistant 30 days for free. The trial version has the same functions as the full version. After 30 days the trial version stops automatically - no subscription!

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Based on FileMaker technology, ArtAssistant works on PC and Mac... well as cellphones and tablets.

Cloud technology allows you to access your ArtAssistant everywhere...

...and the framework enables to individualize ArtAssistant as you'd like.


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